Hodgdon H50BMG

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Hodgdon H50BMG Smokeless Powder
Hodgdon H50 BMG Smokeless Powder is the chief powder utilized for each of the 50 BMG applications.

H50BMG is the new age Extreme expelled rifle force.? It is aclean-consuming powder planned explicitly for the 50 type BMG cartridge.? Since it has a similar innovation as Varget, H50BMG shows a serious level of warm dependability in temperature limits.? Tests have convincingly demonstrated that H50BMG yields exceptionally low outrageous spreads in speed and strain.? This converts into little gatherings at expanded reaches.

Powder Valley is your #1 hotspot for all things reloading related.? We just proposition the best producers of reloading supplies on the planet, including Hodgdon Powder Company.

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We offer mass smokeless powder, shots, preliminaries, metal and weapon cleaning supplies.



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