Hodgdon Bl-C(2)

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Hodgdon Bl-C(2) Rifle Powder
BL-C(2) is a round powder that started as a tactical powder utilized in the 7.62
NATO, generally known as the 308 Winchester. At the point when it was first acquainted with the
handloader, benchrest shooters and other objective shooters made it a moment achievement. BL-C(2)
functions admirably in the 223 Remington, 17 Remington, 22 PPC and additionally course, the 308
Winchester, in addition to some more.

Hodgdon BL-C(2) rifle powder is a round powder initially utilized in the military for the 7.62 NATO and was a characteristic decision for the 308 Winchester. BL-C(2) has become particularly well known for handloaders, for example, benchrest and target shooters. It functions admirably with 223 Remingtons, 204 Rugers and numerous others. This force comes in 1lb and 8lb compartments.



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1 Pound, 8 Pounds


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