G23P Compact | .40 S&W


G23P Compact | .40 S&W is the perfect concealed carry pistol for those on a budget. G23P pistols are made of a durable polymer that will not wear down after extended use and have an ergonomic grip to provide maximum comfort during shooting. With features such as textured finger grooves and checkering on the front and back straps, G23P pistols are sure to please any gun enthusiast!

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GLOCKs are a staple in the world of tactical and self-defense handguns. GLOCK, Inc., was founded by Gaston Glock to create innovative firearms with no complications or compromises. The GLOCK 23P is one such model, developed for law enforcement personnel who needed an ultra-compact pistol that could be easily concealed while on patrol or when responding to an emergency call. GLOCK pistols have been used as a standard sidearm for many police departments since 1982.

1Length (Overall)**187 mm | 7.36 inch
2Slide Length174 mm | 6.85 inch
3Width (Overall)32 mm | 1.26 inch
4Slide Width25,5 mm | 1.0 inch
5Height incl.Mag.128 mm | 5.04 inch
6Line of Sight (Polymer)153 mm | 6.02 inch
Line of Sight (Steel)152 mm | 5.98 inch
Line of Sight (GNS)151 mm | 5.94 inch
7Trigger Distance**71,2 mm | 2.80 inch


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