G22 Gen4 Standard | .40 S&W


G22 Gen4 Standard .40 S&W is a semi-automatic, striker-fired pistol with a 10+1 round capacity. The G22 Gen4 was designed from the ground up to be an improved version of the G17 and G19 pistols for law enforcement use. It includes all the latest features required by the military and police such as front cocking serrations, a modular backstrap system, ambidextrous slide stop levers (G17), magazine release buttons (G19), etc.

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Glock 22 Gen 4

Glock 22 gen 4 is Glock’s most popular pistol. Glock produces pistols in a variety of calibers, but the G22 gen 4 is available only in .40 S&W caliber. The Glock22 gen 4 features many improvements over previous models such as an extended barrel and slide to reduce muzzle flip with faster follow up shots, better ergonomics thanks to its narrower frame and longer grip space, more ambidextrous controls including dual magazine releases and slide release levers, a reversible magazine catch so that lefties can easily operate it without altering the grip or trigger reach; three interchangeable backstraps for different hand sizes; improved texturing on the front strap for enhanced control; an enlarged magazine well which allows you to get a full grip on the weapon when reloading; and Glock Marksman barrel which gives you improved accuracy with less recoil.

Glock 22 Gen 4 Specs

1Length (Overall)**202 mm | 7.95 inch
2Slide Length186 mm | 7.32 inch
3Width (Overall)32 mm | 1.26 inch
4Slide Width25,5 mm | 1.0 inch
5Height incl.Mag.139 mm | 5.47 inch
6Line of Sight (Polymer)165 mm | 6.50 inch
Line of Sight (Steel)164 mm | 6.46 inch
Line of Sight (GNS)163 mm | 6.42 inch
7Trigger Distance**70 mm | 2.76 inch


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