CCI Large Rifle 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military



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CCI Large Rifle 7.62 mm Nato Spec Military Ammo In stock 

CCI 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers are military large rifle primer that contains an optimum mix of priming. CCI #34 primers are CCI #34 primes are the best option for reloads who use military cartridges. These primers have been designed to be more difficult to ignite, which helps prevent firing slams on military-type rifles equipped with floating firing pins. The majority of CCI primers are tested continuously and upgraded. The result is that the current CCI primers are much more receptive, more comfortable to sit and are more compatible with progressive loaders that are automated than before. They are made with modern non-corrosive, inertia mixes that are non-mercuric to ensure the most efficient and clean burning possible.

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Semi-auto rifles of the military style are not equipped with firing pin springs that retract the firing pin. If proper care isn’t taken when the assembly of ammunition in the first place, the possibility of a “slam-fire” can occur before the bolt is locked. The military arsenals achieve this by employing different methods and components, including different primer specifications for sensitivity from their counterparts in the commercial market. CCI produces commercially available rifle primers that are in line with military specifications which minimize the possibility of a slam fire when other elements go out of control. If you’re planning to reload the military semi-auto, you should look at CCI Military primers.

WARNING: This item can open you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause malignant growth and birth absconds or other regenerative mischief. For more data go to –





CCi primers in stock

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