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About the Range

We grudge no expense to ensure your comfort and safety on our shooting range. Our five galleries equaling 20 lanes are outfitted with the best equipment available. Each of the 20 lanes has a user-friendly touchscreen control panel, a target system that rotates 360º for improving your shooting skills, sound suppression technology to reduce the dB levels, and programmable target movement.

Range Rules

Children below the age 10 are not allowed. All minors must attend while being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign all documents and stay with them at all times.

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  1. Any weapon ought to be treated as though it is stacked consistently
  2. In the event that you eliminate a weapon from a holster, keep it pointed at the barrier consistently
  3. In the event that you are not prepared to fire, keep your finger off the trigger and outside the trigger gatekeeper
  4. Be mindful and cautious constantly
  5. In the event that you see a perilous circumstance, report it to a reach teacher straightforwardly
  6. Never use medications or liquor or during your visit on the reach
  7. The entirety of your weapons should be released and securely encased prior to leaving the shooting plate.